Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To Do Lists

Sora stayed at home with Kyle while I had a 2 day training earlier this week. Sora chose to make to do lists both days, the first is really hard to read because of the pink marker (and the fact that a 5 year old made it doesn't help of course). 

List of 36 and a 5 year olds
Post office
Re Store
Pick blackberries
Hardware store for light

The second day was broken into categories (in town and by our house). 
This list includes:
Clean house
Hardware store
Toy / garden store
Costco (where they learned sadly that there are no samples on Tuesdays).

I love her creative spelling - she's kind of a perfectionist, and since she's such an amazing reader she usually knows when words are spelled wrong and gets frustrated when she can't spell every word correctly. Anyway, just the fact that she's willing to be wrong and just spell the way that makes the most sense to her is amazing!

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