Monday, September 29, 2014


We are all getting used to our new school year schedule. I've been working for a month now and I am enjoying a break from just being known as mom or Kyle's wife. Sora loves school, and Kyle is enjoying a break from his busy season and a chance to be more of the primary parent for once. He takes her to school every morning and picks her up two days a week. I pick Sora up from after school care three days a week (although I'm only working 6.5 hrs per day, the school I work at and Sora's school don't line up very well time wise - luckily I have most of the same days off as Sora).

So far we haven't signed Sora up for any extra-curriculars, so after school Sora is free to play with the neighbors when they're available.

Here are the girls playing during and after a short but epic rain storm.

We've seen more rainbows in the past two months than we've ever seen in Wisconsin! I love it - it was one of the downsides of all of those trees and very little elevation difference. With all the hills around town and lack of huge forests, the rainbows have been abundant!
 Sora loves climbing the tree in our front yard to read. The neighbor does her homework (and sometimes also reads) while Sora relaxes with a book on her blanket.
Recently they've been really into making "potions" in our backyard. It involves using a ridiculous amount of soap, making a lot of dirty containers, and picking all the flowers and tomatoes in our yard. I'm not sure if the potions are magic or just fun...

Kyle has been looking forward to building a dining room table for YEARS and finally got some awesome free wood to make it look rustic and cool (and bonus - you can see my fancy work clothes). The table needs some more chairs, so maybe I'll convince him he needs to make two more. One of us will before Thanksgiving I'm sure. We also have a lot of painting and decorating to do (still). We're having family over for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so hopefully one of those holidays will be motivation for us to get our decorating finally done.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Parade Day

It has been a long time since we have enjoyed a parade! Luckily, the biggest parade in town was yesterday. Sora was excited about the candy and I was excited about a "real" parade after 4 years of dinky midwestern small town parades.

We arrived a few minutes early so we had time to draw before the parade. We joined a work friend and her daughter so we could share the parade fun (and candy).

On a side note, we went to a local football game on Friday night where we saw one of Kyle's camp staff play and also be crowned homecoming king. He also plays in the marching band, so we saw him in the parade too!
 In addition to a ton of candy, there were apples. One of the benefits of living in apple country I guess!

 And of course, my favorite was the band of Delorians. Most of them were holding "Back to the Future" signs. Sweet.
In other news, Sora is slowly growing up. She loves school and since she's forced to write in lower case, her penmanship is slowly improving. Each day she comes home with a new story. She is slowly learning to tie her shoes, although it's a long, slow process. She went to her first birthday party since we've moved to town. One of her classmates turned 6 and Sora had a blast at the party (after the parade - a lot of fun for just one day). She loves playing with the neighbors, so the new no-screen-time-on-school-days rule isn't that upsetting since she's busy playing with the neighbor girls anyway. Oh, and she can finally shampoo her own hair. It's the little things that make me happy!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

After spending most of the weekend up at camp for Family Camp, we decided to join the rest of the world at the Kittitas County Fair. Kyle loves it tolerates it occasionally. Sora was so excited that she even raided her own piggy bank to pay for her cotton candy herself. Luckily, her grandparents slipped her a little more money so she got to go on three rides too. I miss the ride prices back in Wisconsin - her three rides set her back over $10 while consuming less than 7 minutes of our time!

 We also looked at all the animals and in all the exhibitors buildings. Sora loved the horses and alpacas the best. She now wants to spin yarn on a spindle like the ladies at the fair. A fiber girl already!

 My favorite part of the fair is the Frontier Village. Sora politely listened to all the old people explain the buildings and seemed relatively interested. We skipped the candy store, but Sora didn't notice. Instead we got to see some cool ladies doing crazy stuff with axes. Good times.
Of course, there was a lot of food involved. Sora chose cotton candy, Kyle chose scones and coffee, and I chose chocolate covered strawberries and bananas and lemonade.
On the way back to the car, Sora was excited to pose in the girl at the local Montessori school.
This was right before we realized we lost her doll (pictured briefly above to the right of Sora's elbow with the dots on the leg). Sora was warned several times of the responsibilities of bringing her doll with her, so we were pleasantly surprised when she wasn't too upset over loosing it. Although it was a project that we did together last year and I think it actually meant more to me than to her since we sewed it together and picked out the fabric together and Sora decorated it herself... I guess that means we'll be doing another sewing project together soon!