Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Busy Week

We have had a crazy week around here! Last Tuesday was the Race for Education at Sora's school. Kyle was able to volunteer for most of it. Sora ran and walked around the playground for an hour. Each time she passed the checkpoint Kyle punched her card. She went around over 12 times!
 She borrowed my running headband: "Forget the glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes".

Their school raised over $15,000 in their race - pretty impressive for a school with less than 100 kiddos!

Friday after school, we raced to meet the bus to go up to camp for Haunted Weekend. Sora loved all of the crafts, cooking, games, and kids.
We did Spooky Science, Halloween Building extravaganza, Zombie glow-in-the dark tag, trick-or-treating and more! Sora got to stay in the cabin with the kids and made a lot of new and old friends. All of the kids had come to summer camp, so many remembered Sora but she has a terrible memory so they were all new to her.
After we got home on Sunday, we got all cleaned up and headed to Sora's school for their Harvest Festival and bake sale. Sora had a lot of yummy treats, played some games and bounced in the bouncy house. In the middle of the night, she got sick, but we thought it was just from all the excitement and fun, so we sent her to school on Monday. As soon as she sat down for lunch, she got sick again so Kyle picked her up. She took a long nap (which is a very big sign that something is wrong for Sora) and got sick when she tried to eat dinner. I am staying home with her today, but she hasn't been sick in over 20 hours, so I think she's back to herself and ready for school tomorrow.
Sora resting and watching Kiki's Delivery Service. Another clear indication that she was sick is that she didn't even flinch at having her picture taken. She's typically NOT a fan!

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