Sunday, October 12, 2014


Kyle's family met us at camp this weekend for a few days of campy fun. Most of Kyle's family hadn't been up to camp yet, and they had a blast!

They explored the fort building area, made a hot (but fun) mess at our cabin, and experienced a little bit of camp life.

 Sora and Dylan ran all over together. They got along fabulously and shared their grandma and grandpa better than ever!

 All the kids tried archery, even Sora (which she has only tried one other time in all the time we've been at camp - it's pretty hard for a 5 year old to do correctly, but she was a trouper).
 There was a lot of hot chocolate involved of course.
 We hiked to the spillway, waterfall and up Sora's tiny mountain.

 She even let her uncle help her across a fallen log over a creek.
 After the hike, the kids went rock climbing. Sora and Dylan stopped mid way to high five each other.
 It rained all afternoon which was a perfect time to break out the arts and crafts.
 Once the rain died down, Sora helped her cousins build their own fort.
 Then they celebrated with banana boats.
Sora stayed up ridiculously late, but was up bright and early to go boating. Luckily her cousin was willing to do most of the work, which worked out well since Sora's not much of a paddler and her hands were freezing.
 Before everyone left, we hiked to the top of Kamiakan. It's a hard hike, but totally worth the view!

On a side note, the picture below is of a lake that they drain in the fall for irrigation. The mud/dirt areas you see are all filled with water in the summer. It looks crazy up there compared to the same hike during camp!
We all had a great time with the family and are looking forward to seeing everyone again at Thanksgiving!

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