Sunday, October 5, 2014

Father/Daughter Weekend

Sora's style is very distinctive. Her favorite outfits involve a lot of patterns and different shoes (with no socks). She has to wear shorts or pants under skirts and dresses at school, and since she insists on wearing dresses or skirts daily, she often has the following type of outfit on:

This weekend though, Sora took a break from dresses to go with her dad and papa McPherson to Father/Daughter up at camp. I was there too, but tried to make myself blend into the trees as much as possible so that Sora could enjoy the wonderful men in her life (and the other kiddos too).

They started off with the Moose song before dinner Friday night.
After dinner, the female staff taught the daughters some songs and skits and they put on a show for the dads. I think this might have been the first campfire skit Sora actually participated in.
 Of course Sora got to hang out with the staff a lot too - they're all her favorite.
Sora talked papa into boating with her. Sora said she had to do all the paddling, but papa claimed the same thing, so I'm not sure who had to work harder.

Sora was very excited for the scavenger hunt and wore papa out! He left Saturday afternoon and Kyle was on his own.
 Sora was much better at rock climbing than this summer. She went about as high, but was much better at reaching and getting rocks to put her hands and feet on (and maintaining a great attitude).

 Arts and crafts were Sora's favorite. She didn't make much, but she spent a lot of time there!
Of course, Sora's other favorite was all of the outdoor cooking. She made Kyle do most of the work, but she loved eating all the treats including s'mores, stick biscuits, and pizza pockets.
Kyle had a smaller turn out than he had hoped, but it worked out really well and everyone had a blast! Hopefully next year we'll get a lot of returning dad/daughter pairs and the word will spread.

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