Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Every year since Sora was born (actually, even the year before that) we have gone to a pumpkin patch. For the past 4 years in Wisconsin, it was just me and Sora (and once her friend Walker). We would take advantage of the local play group's field trip and it was cheap and amazing. Anyway, this year we headed back to the first pumpkin patch we took Sora to near my parent's house. It was way bigger than it was 5 years ago!

First, we got lost in the corn maze.

 Sora was semi-excited about the multiple photo ops that she was even more excited about as a baby.

We had a family photo shoot with a woman my mom knows while we were at the pumpkin patch (which explains the adorable coordinating outfits). Sora typically hates to take pictures, so we bribed her with donuts and cider. Both were fresh and amazing! They had mini-cider donuts as well as full sized pumpkin donuts. We tasted both and were split 2-2 about our favorite.
 The hay ride was very short.

My mom knows the man who runs the train. He wanted Sora to sit in the back since it's more fun, but she had her heart set on sitting close to the engine. Instead, he made me and my mom sit in the back. It was not as fun as he had led us to believe.

While we were at my parents house, Sora got to ride Dakota. She loves horses and sweet talks her papa into letting her ride any chance she can.
 She also practiced riding her bike without training wheels. She is capable but very scared and since we live in town, she doesn't get a lot of good opportunities to practice.

Our weekend visit was short, since it's a long drive, but we definitely enjoyed it! We are already planning our next trip!

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