Saturday, November 29, 2014

Roller Skating

 As a kid, I always loved roller skating. I've been wanting to take Sora for a while now but we've never had a chance. With my parents in town and Kyle up at camp working this weekend, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity.
Sora fell a lot. Especially at the beginning. Not because she couldn't skate, but because she was being crazy.

 Every time a song came on that she liked, she tried to dance skate which was both hilarious and also not very effective.
 There were several games. This one involved standing on a number less than 50. Both my mom and I won which means that I got 2 free tickets to the skating rink (and that we'll be back sometime before January 31) and we got a free soft drink and Italian Soda.
 Sora really wanted nachos but I didn't have enough money. Luckily my mom sweet talked the lady into trading in our Italian Soda ticket for the nachos.
 My dad even went around the rink a few times.
 About half way through we found the beginners rink. It's pretty adorable and tiny so your kiddo won't crash into anyone else. Sora had fun and made a friend.

Over all Sora loved it. She had much more tenacity than I thought she would and after falling over and over, she still wanted to skate and be silly. I hope Kyle has as much fun with us when we drag him next time!

Friday, November 28, 2014


 This was the first year in a while that we've been able to have family over for Thanksgiving. Sora was so excited to have 4 of her grandparents and 2 of her cousins there! Somehow a set of grandparents avoided all of my photo ops...
Kyle's meal was delicious. He focused on locally sourced foods. We bought the turkey from a farm in Ellensburg and finally had the heritage turkey that Kyle has always dreamed of. He made two types of stuffing - one with brussels sprouts and one with cranberries. He also made a cranberry sauce, bacon wrapped green beans, and mashed potatoes with hazelnuts.

 Sora had so much fun with her sweet cousins. They were very kind to her, as always, and were polite, clean, great kids (as always).
 The weather was gorgeous - the kids played at the playground and outside much of the day.
 Sora also found people to play games with her. Papa and grandma D spent the weekend with us, so they spent a lot of time playing games and reading books.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


 Sora has been asking for a guinea pig off and on for a few years (although apparently Kyle has never heard this request). A family at work was giving one away, so it was the perfect time to commit. Sora has named him Rosie of course.
 Sora cuddling Rosie after a bath.
 Rosie in his brightly colored home.

Picture taking lately has been a little slow. We are still trying to find a balance in our "real" life between school, work, fun and blogging.
There has, however, (as always) been a lot of reading at our house. My dad bought my brother and I a dictionary for Christmas the one year we decided that both our parents should buy us presents so we could get more stuff. After dad's dictionary, we never asked again. It is the most amazing dictionary though and it used to be a booster seat at my parent's dining table. Sora is very interested in the words now instead of just sitting on it.

We also made a trip to Ikea recently to buy a new couch. Our living room furniture is finally complete and we are looking forward to the big debut at Thanksgiving next week!