Saturday, November 29, 2014

Roller Skating

 As a kid, I always loved roller skating. I've been wanting to take Sora for a while now but we've never had a chance. With my parents in town and Kyle up at camp working this weekend, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity.
Sora fell a lot. Especially at the beginning. Not because she couldn't skate, but because she was being crazy.

 Every time a song came on that she liked, she tried to dance skate which was both hilarious and also not very effective.
 There were several games. This one involved standing on a number less than 50. Both my mom and I won which means that I got 2 free tickets to the skating rink (and that we'll be back sometime before January 31) and we got a free soft drink and Italian Soda.
 Sora really wanted nachos but I didn't have enough money. Luckily my mom sweet talked the lady into trading in our Italian Soda ticket for the nachos.
 My dad even went around the rink a few times.
 About half way through we found the beginners rink. It's pretty adorable and tiny so your kiddo won't crash into anyone else. Sora had fun and made a friend.

Over all Sora loved it. She had much more tenacity than I thought she would and after falling over and over, she still wanted to skate and be silly. I hope Kyle has as much fun with us when we drag him next time!

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Amy said...

Is that the Skateland Fun Center in Union Gap? We used to drive from Eburg there for birthday parties and it looks exactly the same! I wish we had a rink close to our house - I love roller skating. Sora is a lucky girl :)