Friday, November 28, 2014


 This was the first year in a while that we've been able to have family over for Thanksgiving. Sora was so excited to have 4 of her grandparents and 2 of her cousins there! Somehow a set of grandparents avoided all of my photo ops...
Kyle's meal was delicious. He focused on locally sourced foods. We bought the turkey from a farm in Ellensburg and finally had the heritage turkey that Kyle has always dreamed of. He made two types of stuffing - one with brussels sprouts and one with cranberries. He also made a cranberry sauce, bacon wrapped green beans, and mashed potatoes with hazelnuts.

 Sora had so much fun with her sweet cousins. They were very kind to her, as always, and were polite, clean, great kids (as always).
 The weather was gorgeous - the kids played at the playground and outside much of the day.
 Sora also found people to play games with her. Papa and grandma D spent the weekend with us, so they spent a lot of time playing games and reading books.

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