Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ice skating

This year in making our Solstice countdown, it was hard deciding which traditions from WI we could keep and which ones we needed to rethink. Now that Sora's at school and I'm at work 6.5 hours a day, it has been hard managing our small amount of free time! Anyway, I decided that ice skating was definitely a tradition to keep. It is a LOT harder and more inconvenient in WA though. We can't just go on any nice-ish winter day and walk 100 yards to our frozen lake.

As an homage to WI skating, I found this photo on my iPod. This wasn't our local pond, but it was a decent free outdoor rink in a nearby town. Sora could skate pretty well on this terribly bumpy ice but the walkers were intriguing since she didn't usually get to use them.
 Fast forward to this year: we actually had to drive 10 minutes to the rink and PAY ($6 each!). We had to go during open skate (only twice a week, so we really had to plan ahead). We did pick up some very nice skates at the thrift store though so at least we didn't pay for rentals.
The ice was much nicer and smoother than we are used to, and Sora had a hard time with how slippery it was. She was okay at skating, but she was very nervous. She used a walker type thing for a while but fell twice on her head and it really hurt. After she stopped using it, it was much better. We also ran into a camp staff member while we were there. What a small town!

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