Sunday, December 14, 2014


Another thing on our list this winter was to go see the luminaries and lights at the arboretum. I think we were spoiled by the light display at the Green Bay Botanical Garden and may have to go to a bigger city next year that can compete, but for a free event, the local arboretum was close, relatively warm (especially compared with WI) and free.

I had a hard time taking pictures, but here were a few of the best:

We went with our neighbors, which was great. Sora loves their girls and it is always nice having adult conversation without constant interruption. We also ran into several people we knew, which is surprising since we still don't know many people here!

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Melissa Christianson said...

Akkkk! I've become the weird stalker neighbor, but I'm loving having you next door to us!! I had so much fun, and you got to see the quiet side of Brad!!