Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter is Here!

 We have had a super busy week, but as usual we've been too busy living to take too many photos.

Sora had a lot of fun being a camper at Winter Camp. She's a master photo evader though so of all 40 kids there, she was photographed the least. Here she is starting to build an ice castle.
After the kids left, the staff stayed for a reunion and Sora had a lot of fun soaking up all the grown up attention at the Seahawks party. After the staff left, we celebrated Solstice (a day late). We spent it up at camp. We decorated a tree for the birds:

 Since there wasn't any snow up at camp, we drove 10 minutes up to the pass to see a little snow.

We also stopped at the waterfall on the way home and went on a short hike. Of course, Kyle was wearing flip flops so the hike was pretty short.
 Afterwards, we enjoyed our presents. We try to focus on homemade presents and buy a couple for Sora as well. I love 5 year olds - she was happy with everything! She loved the dresses, scarf, doll, and tent that we made her. She also loved the science kit and chess game and we played with them all afternoon. Sora is an incredible secret keeper. She and Kyle made 2 presents for me, and we made some presents for Kyle and she never once let on any hints.

 After lunch, we made our traditional solstice cupcakes. We didn't have milk or eggs so we baked vegan cupcakes that were actually pretty delicious.

We shared some cupcakes with the care keeper and his family and played some games with them as well.

The next day Sora and I headed home to get ready for Christmas. Sora was lucky to have 2 sets of grandparents to enjoy the holiday with. We also got to see the third set of grandparents as well as cousins later in the week. Sora is now spending a few days with two of her grandparents while Kyle is working and I am trying to clean up from all our holiday madness.

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