Monday, January 19, 2015

Ice Skating

I've had a hard time committing to sports or lessons of any kind this school year. I wanted to figure out this full time school and going back to work thing. After a few months I finally felt ready for Sora to try something.  Sora wanted dance but it was a little too much for me, so I talked her into ice skating. She wants to be a figure skater and so far loves it! The first week I realized these lessons are totally hockey focused (and we agreed to 12 weeks) but luckily I've convinced Sora that being able to play hockey will help her on her way to becoming a great figure skater. I also tower her next year after she knows the basics she can take figure skating lessons instead.

The good thing about learning to skate in hockey gear is that it doesn't hurt as much to fall down. Here is Sora with her group working on hockey stops (she's on the right - you can tell she's really concentrating).

Her first week she used a walker and took a while to get confident, but after only 1 week, she was already in the actual skating group with a boy from her school. I'm sure I'll be posting videos of her skating backwards in a few months!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


This past week Kyle has been hard at work getting ready for his book sale. Sora and I came every day after school from 4-5 to help out. Our contribution was the children's area (pictured below).
 Sora took a lot of reading breaks, of course.
On Friday, the sale started. It's going through next Saturday so I imagine there will be more after school time spent here next week. The amount of books at the sale is slightly overwhelming!
On Friday, Sora also finally achieved the goal she set two weeks ago of passing 10 number writing days in a row! This means each day she wrote 25+ of a specific number in 1 minute. She only has 2 more levels left until she starts doing math with her 1 minute instead of penmanship.

I expect she will be setting a new goal soon because she was so very proud of herself and she loved the reward she chose (fro yo). We also got some for Kyle to celebrate the opening of the book sale, but of course he was too busy with the actual book sale to leave for fro yo.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goal Setting

Starting this month, Sora has a new goal sheet in school. Each day she has to check everything off the list and so far she rally likes it. She has also started to set other goals. She made it a goal to pass 10 days in a row of her number writing worksheets. Each day at school they have 1 minute to write 25 numbers. If they get enough, the go on to the next level and if they don't, then they keep doing the same level until they eventually pass. Sora was stuck on a few numbers for two weeks, but once she put her goal in place she seems super motivated. So far she has done 6 days in a row and is near her goal. She also has a goal of becoming an ice skater. She started lessons today and I was amazed at her awesome attitude and her willingness to pick herself up over and over again and keep trying. I hope this new goal orientated attitude is just a glimpse into the amazing things she will be accomplishing in the future with her sheer determination!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Big Kid Stuff

This afternoon, I left out Sora's play dough stuff in case she got bored. When she saw it, she told Kyle that now that she was almost 6 and big kids don't play with play dough. Kyle tried to convince her that he had seen 12 year olds playing with play dough. Sora responded, "Dad, how will people know I'm a big kid if I play with play dough?"

Apparently big kids do sing and dance since that is what she spent the afternoon doing with the neighbor. Sora loves to make up songs and they are surprisingly good. Her recent hit has some of the following lyrics: I want to fly like a butterfly. Okay maybe I wish magic were real. I want to fly like a butterfly up in the sky way up high." The 7 year old neighbor's songs were a little less lyrical but involved a lot of boyfriends and marriage. I'm hoping Sora is still 10 years away from those lyrical stylings!

She also learned the word butt head today since some of the boys in her class were saying it to each other. Luckily she's still sweet and innocent and was horrified that they would call each other such a mean word.