Monday, January 5, 2015

Big Kid Stuff

This afternoon, I left out Sora's play dough stuff in case she got bored. When she saw it, she told Kyle that now that she was almost 6 and big kids don't play with play dough. Kyle tried to convince her that he had seen 12 year olds playing with play dough. Sora responded, "Dad, how will people know I'm a big kid if I play with play dough?"

Apparently big kids do sing and dance since that is what she spent the afternoon doing with the neighbor. Sora loves to make up songs and they are surprisingly good. Her recent hit has some of the following lyrics: I want to fly like a butterfly. Okay maybe I wish magic were real. I want to fly like a butterfly up in the sky way up high." The 7 year old neighbor's songs were a little less lyrical but involved a lot of boyfriends and marriage. I'm hoping Sora is still 10 years away from those lyrical stylings!

She also learned the word butt head today since some of the boys in her class were saying it to each other. Luckily she's still sweet and innocent and was horrified that they would call each other such a mean word.

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