Monday, January 12, 2015

Goal Setting

Starting this month, Sora has a new goal sheet in school. Each day she has to check everything off the list and so far she rally likes it. She has also started to set other goals. She made it a goal to pass 10 days in a row of her number writing worksheets. Each day at school they have 1 minute to write 25 numbers. If they get enough, the go on to the next level and if they don't, then they keep doing the same level until they eventually pass. Sora was stuck on a few numbers for two weeks, but once she put her goal in place she seems super motivated. So far she has done 6 days in a row and is near her goal. She also has a goal of becoming an ice skater. She started lessons today and I was amazed at her awesome attitude and her willingness to pick herself up over and over again and keep trying. I hope this new goal orientated attitude is just a glimpse into the amazing things she will be accomplishing in the future with her sheer determination!

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