Monday, January 19, 2015

Ice Skating

I've had a hard time committing to sports or lessons of any kind this school year. I wanted to figure out this full time school and going back to work thing. After a few months I finally felt ready for Sora to try something.  Sora wanted dance but it was a little too much for me, so I talked her into ice skating. She wants to be a figure skater and so far loves it! The first week I realized these lessons are totally hockey focused (and we agreed to 12 weeks) but luckily I've convinced Sora that being able to play hockey will help her on her way to becoming a great figure skater. I also tower her next year after she knows the basics she can take figure skating lessons instead.

The good thing about learning to skate in hockey gear is that it doesn't hurt as much to fall down. Here is Sora with her group working on hockey stops (she's on the right - you can tell she's really concentrating).

Her first week she used a walker and took a while to get confident, but after only 1 week, she was already in the actual skating group with a boy from her school. I'm sure I'll be posting videos of her skating backwards in a few months!

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