Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Extra Long Weekend

 Sora had two extra days off of school, so Sora and I headed north to visit my parents. Kyle had to work up at camp. We left Friday morning and got to take our sweet time making the 4+ hour trek rather than just powering through.

We stopped at a sweet park in Bothell (Miner's Corner). It was small but awesome and will be on every trip up North where we decide to stop and play.

 It was warm out so Sora took advantage of the nice weather and took off her shoes for some water/sand play.

 We also stopped at a favorite toy store before getting to my parents house. Saturday was Valentine's day. Papa bought us both cookies which we enjoyed for breakfast.
 For Sora's birthday, grandma gave her some cash and took her to the mall to help buy a 6 year old wardrobe. While we were enjoying lunch, some nice kiddos gave us Happy Valentine's flowers. So sweet!
 After shopping and finding some great deals (which impressed me and grandma more than Sora of course), we went to a Valentine's party put on by the parks department.

 Sora loved the games, crafts, and cupcake.

 We also went to the park nearby where Sora spent an hour playing restaurant.
 Since my parents were in Hawaii on Sora's birthday, we did cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate Sora turing 6 a week late. Sora stuffed herself on grandma's pork balls for dinner so she only had a few bites of her ice cream and none of her gluten free cupcake (which was really a good choice in the long run). The next night, we had pizza and she made sure not to eat too much so she had room for dessert (we had pizza at the YMCA the other day and Sora ate 4 full pieces - more than I could eat!).

 On Sunday, we spent a lot of time at my parents house relaxing, riding the horse, and just playing. We did get out and enjoy a new (and very crowded) park. Sora loved the merry go round.

On Monday we headed home and stopped at another park on the way to visit with my uncle and 5 year old cousin - I love all this warm park weather!

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