Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sora is 6!

Sora has been counting down for a very long time, and today was finally her birthday! She started her birthday off right by letting Kyle and I sleep in for an hour while she entertained herself. Then we opened presents (the Cinderella dress I made her was a giant hit).
 While I made her favorite breakfast (banana pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles), Kyle read her Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss.
Kyle took her to do the Home Depot craft and get some last minutes supplies while I cleaned our house thoroughly. It was gratifying for all involved.

After hours of waiting, Sora's party finally started. She settled on a princess theme, of course, and some of Kyle's wonderful summer camp staff graciously volunteered to help out. Two of them dressed up too! Sora and 6 of her friends did crafts (crowns and wands):
 They got their faces painted:
 They played Follow the Princess, Race Around the House, and Dance Party.
There were refreshments (Snow White's Apples, Ariel's Fish Crackers, and Belle's Tea Party Sandwiches) as well as strawberry cake and ice cream.

After presents, Sora's friends went home and her grandparents came to go out to dinner. After much debate, Sora chose burgers and fries for dinner. While we didn't choose the greatest place in town (we tried somewhere new), we enjoyed the company! What a difference a year makes - last year we were celebrating Sora's birthday with my brother's family at Wisconsin Dells worried about how we would move back to Washington and make our next dreams all work out and a year later, here we are living the dream! I should also mention that it was 65 degrees outside today. It was a bit windy (one of the balloons we tied on the porch blew away), but Kyle was happy to entertain some parents with younger siblings in the backyard on such an amazingly beautiful day!

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