Sunday, March 15, 2015

Signs of Spring

We have had a very mild winter, so I can't complain at all, but at the same time it is exciting to see flowers in our front garden and blooms on our plum trees!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Crafty Kiddo

Sora loves doing crafts and still is pretty interested in anything that I do. During the Super Bowl half time, we decided to make a quilt for Sora's classroom assistant who is pregnant. We went to Joann's (which was so wonderfully quiet - we were the only people in the store) and Sora chose all the fabric for the quilt (10 different flannels). I chose an easy quilt pattern and Sora helped me piece it all together.
She's still much better at the pedal of the sewing machine than the hands, but she got some good practice in and when we were all done, it looked like this:
Sora also hand made all her valentine's day cards for school. There are 18 kids in her classroom plus 2 adults, so Sora made 20 different cards (plus one for herself). She wrote "Happy Valentine's Day. I like you a lot." in all of them. Adorable! This year, the kids weren't supposed to address them to specific kids so that the grownups wouldn't have to help them sort them out. Next year, when Sora is in elementary, the rules change so I am guessing there will be even more creativity when she is designing them for a specific recipient.