Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break

This past week Sora and I celebrated our first official spring break! Kyle took some time off too and we enjoyed our staycation.

We went up to camp for the night (but forgot our pillows so we ended up coming back home the same day).

Sora played in our backyard a lot (especially in the beginning of the week when it was nice and hot.

We went for a hike with some friends and played on a bunch of playgrounds.

Sora enjoyed a friend's birthday party (with more playing in their backyard).

We bought a new car (our trusty Forester was totaled a few weeks ago in a minor crash that wasn't my fault and luckily no one was hurt in). We planned on taking a road trip to Seattle to find the perfect Prius but actually found it here in town instead.

Sora got to hang out with some camp staff while Kyle and I worked on camp stuff.

Sora and I tried to go letter boxing (but didn't find the prize) and successfully scavenger hunted at the arboretum.

We played at a friend's house where Sora got to enjoy some of her new favorite friends.

We spent a few days with Kyle's family, eating delicious food, hunting for eggs, and having a great time with cousins.

Now it's time for school to start again. Hopefully the next two months fly by and it will be summer vacation before I know it!