Thursday, May 28, 2015

Festivals and Animals

 On Sunday of the long weekend, we went to a festival that I had never been to before. In all my years growing up so close and celebrating other aspects of Ski-to-Sea, I'm surprised we had never been to It All Ends in Fairhaven earlier. It was a fun day with beautiful weather.

Sora was fascinated by all of the different Asian dancing and was excited to get a chance to try out the ribbon dancing for herself (she has the orange ribbon in the center).

 Grandma and Sora shared a Seahawks inspired shaved ice. They were big fans. Interestingly, this past month Sora has decided that blue is her new favorite color. She was disappointed her tongue was more green than blue.

 Of course there was a lot of puppy love. Sora loves my parents new dog, Willow, and I think Kyle is also warming up to her. We went down to watch the kayaking leg of the race arrive at the beach, but the dog and grandpa had to hang out in the doggie area. I think Kyle wished he stayed with them instead of braving the crowd to watch a few boaters.

 And, as always, Sora got to ride Milo. She's a big fan although it turns out that strawberry shortcake trumps Milo. Good to know. Also, Sora's growing - this helmet is finally too small for her! It works out well since my parents will need a bigger helmet for Sora's older cousin this summer anyway. Perfect timing!
On Monday morning, we ate a delicious breakfast at a new restaurant in town before heading home. I had wanted to stop and try on shoes on the way home which Kyle was not excited about but amazingly the drive was quick, there was virtually no traffic, and the parking spot we got at the mall just happened to be right next to the entrance by the shoe department (and bathrooms). Score!

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