Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pink Eye and More...

This spring has been really busy at our house. Sora started swim class in April and has been going twice a week. She loves it! Lately they've been working on stuff that freaks me out in the deep end. She can swim by herself a little bit and her teacher, Hector, has been trying to teach them the finer points of diving. Sora's in the blue swimsuit all set for a dive:
But of course when it comes time to go in the water, it's really more of a jump.
Last week (luckily on a non-swim day), Sora's school had their spring open house. The oldest kids played a very complex piece on some cool instruments, the lower elementary did a folk dance, and then everyone made rain and sang a butterfly song. Sora's in there somewhere, I promise. She spent most of her time trying to figure out where we were and boss her friends around rather than actually participate.
Afterwards, we went to her room and Sora showed us and Grandma McPherson her favorite works. Her first was watercolor painting.
This in her words was "exploration with shapes".
Okay, this was just a fun picture to show off camp's new hats.
On Monday, Kyle had to get Sora early because she had pink eye (I swear she was fine when I dropped her off). He took her to the doctor and they figured out she has a UTI also, so now she's on meds for both and feeling much better. She did have to miss her only field trip this year (on Tuesday), but we had a lot of fun staying home. We watched a lot of TV, picked strawberries from our garden, did laundry by hand (which apparently they do at school so she was a pro),  and played around with pulleys.
We set up both a double and single pulley and tried to see if there was any difference. She played with this for over an hour. Big hit!
Sora was very disappointed about missing her field trip, but didn't mention it once on Tuesday (the day she missed) and was over it by Wednesday. She's back to normal (mostly) and life is moving on.

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