Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rock Trail and Tidepooling

 This weekend we went to visit my parents to celebrate my birthday Memorial Day. I was stoked that there was no traffic at all going through Seattle which never happens on a Friday night! On Saturday, we all went up to one of my favorite state parks and explored a trail we hadn't taken before.
Sora was entertained with all of the rocks, boulders and caves and barely even complained about hiking!
 There were a ton of stairs and switchbacks. Luckily, we started off high so we went down first which made for better attitudes than an uphill climb right away.

 Sora loved looking at all of the different rocks and conglomerates.

 Oh, and we got to take the adorable puppy with us, which always helps everyone's mood.

While in that part of town, we got to see the only positive claim to fame that my great-grandpa left me. It's hard to read, but if you look closely it says "Beacon Road to Lawrence Pullar Estates". My great-grandpa was a forward thinker and bought up some property during the great depression, even though he was dirt poor. He had some very long story about collecting shells on the beach for chickens as a job, but I didn't fully understand it. Anyway, one of the pieces of land he owned was in a very beautiful scenic area that was finally developed after he sold the land off near his death (he lived to be like 100 or something crazy).
 After our hike, we hit the rocky beach to go tide pooling. We saw anemones, sea slugs, star fish, crabs and more!
 Sora's favorite find was the shells of course. She also loved climbing up the big boulders but I didn't get any good pictures of that.

 We went at the lowest tide of the weekend and we timed it perfectly! A wonderful birthday present to me.

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