Sunday, August 16, 2015


Last summer, we bought our house, but the garden was already in full bloom for the season. This spring we were super excited to plan and plant a garden of our own. Living in WI for the past few years and being gone every summer, we haven't gotten to garden for a long time. We are lucky to have automatic sprinklers to keep our plants alive when we're up at camp and a wonderfully sunny and hot backyard to open us up to plants we could never grow in Seattle! Let me show you my favorite additions to our garden (the berries and trees that the house came with are awesome too, although it's been a little too hot for them and we haven't been the best pest-controllers of our trees, so much of the fruit is infested... we're learning!).

 Banana peppers:
 The whole watermelon plant (which we're hoping will produce a LOT of watermelon):
 Our tangle of tomatoes (there are 4-5 different varieties in this mess):
 Sunflower (Mother's day present from Sora's school that is now HUGE):
 Hops (Kyle is the most excited about this one):
We still have a lot of our growing season left, so it will be fun to see what ripens before the fall. Last year, the tomatoes stayed green, but I don't know when they were planted. I still have high hopes for the cucumbers and watermelons that were pretty late additions to our garden.

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