Monday, August 3, 2015

Impressive Lineage

Sora and I went north to visit my parents for an extended weekend. On the way, we stopped to enjoy the gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier.

We also stopped to visit my uncle, aunt and cousin at a park for a playdate. We were too busy for pictures, of course.

Sora loves my parents house: they have more toys than she does, a horse to ride, and a puppy to play with!

On Saturday, we headed to the annual Old Settler's Picnic. My dad is very proud that his great aunt's husband's once removed cousin is an original old settler in the county and he makes sure everyone knows it (okay, so really it's his great-great grandma, but that doesn't sound as silly).

We got to enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride before our BBQ lunch.
There was a scavenger hunt around the old cabins. They have an impressive 12+ old cabins from around the county which have all been relocated to Pioneer Park. Sora went to all of them and documented their original date and had to find a hidden clue and answer a question about all of them. She was super into it!
 This was the upstairs of one of the cabins. We had to take a picture for Kyle, whose camp name is Moose.
 Sora also got to go digging through hay. At first she asked what the kids were looking for and I said, "Nothing." She answered, "Sounds fun, can I do it?" They were, of course, looking for hidden candy which made it even more exciting.

While at grandma's, Sora also got to climb through the doggy door (she was a big fan).
 And make friends with the mannequins (her cousin is a big fan). It reminds me of that amazing movie Mannequin (and the sequel Mannequin 2).

On the way home, we stopped by a park in North Bend with a sweet climbing rock!

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