Sunday, September 20, 2015

Every day life

We are getting back into the school/work routine.

Here is a glimpse into Sora's school work:

Each day she has to write a running list of what she's working on in her journal. As you can see, she worked on her number line a lot.
And here is her finished product:
She wrote from 1 to 489. It took over a week and it stretches across our back yard. There isn't a lot of worksheets/busy work at her school, which I LOVE, but it also means she doesn't take much home each day.
 Each evening, she is in charge of making her own lunch. She loves to cut her fruit, cook her potatoes, make her own egg salad sandwiches, etc. Here are two days of lunches (she also brings a bag of crackers or something similar):
(plums, pizza, potatoes, carrots)
 (corn, strawberries, salami, potatoes & cookies)
 She spends most of the drive to/from school reading. You can't tell in this picture, but she is listening to a book on tape at the same time as reading a different book.

Kyle takes her to swim class twice a week after school (more on that later I'm sure), and the other days she goes to after school care for 30 min. until I get off work. She also goes to early morning care for 30 min. before school starts which I'm in charge of (so she loves going).

Last weekend, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and local produce and went to a nearby farm for apples, pears, peaches and corn.
 Sora has been dying to do u-pick, so we got to pick Bartlett pears and "old-style" Red Delicious apples. I told Kyle they tasted just like when I was a kid and he thought I was crazy. They are actually different from the newer Red Delicious variety and I can totally taste the difference (even if I am crazy).

 We took home our bounty of apples (huge bag of fruit for $10 - the apples & pears were $.50/lb!) and made apple sauce, and dried pear slices. We had some friends over the next day, and Sora's friend said the pear slices tasted like candy. Exactly!