Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dia de los Muertos

Sora and I went to a nearby town (where we hadn't been yet!) to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Sora's Spanish teacher had been talking about it, and we just watched the Book of Life, so it was perfect timing! 

Of course, the first thing Sora wanted to do was eat. They gave us sweet bread at the door, but we quickly found the food stand and ate tacos (which Sora ordered herself by saying "uno taco por favor"), a tamale and strawberry lemonade. Sora's been trying to practice her Spanish skills on everyone she hears speaking Spanish (so far our neighbors and people at the store) but she's also still very shy, so she speaks too softly for them to hear her say "Hola". 
 Anyway, Sora also enjoyed decorating a sugar skull
 and making her own skull from a plate.
 There was a photo booth for kids, one for adults (which we didn't get to) and a lot of very cool alters.
 Sora even got her face painted!

 One of the last things we did at the festival was a labyrinth which prompted us to stop by the park on the way home to do a much larger labyrinth.

 Overall, it was a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Swear Words

This weekend, while at my parents', we visited a specialty sock store. Sora was reading the words on the sock when she came across one that said "I don't give a F**k". She read it very loudly. We rushed out of the store, explaining that it was a very bad word we should never say. She kept asking the meaning, but there are so many meanings and most of them are so inappropriate that I didn't know where to begin other than it's just a bad word we don't say.

Later, we were at a "free trade" store which was apparently just a nice way of saying a bong shop. Sora stayed interested in the incense, which was fine. She wondered over to the wallets (where I quickly read one that said something about money for pot). I redirected her and asked her to look at something else. She laid on the floor crying "I JUST want to READ". I tried explaining that not everything is meant for a 6 year old to read, but she didn't understand. Poor kid. I guess we need to be more selective about the stores we visit now (which is hard to do in Bellingham)!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Family Fun

We have had a busy month between Father/Daughter (with grandpa Barney), Montessori Family Camp, and more!

Our latest excursion actually involved pictures. We took advantage of an extra day off of school and headed to my parents house. Here we are enjoying the view at the rest stop:
 Enjoying my parents' dog, Willow:
 Giving papa some love during a random electrical equipment auction:
 And of course no visit in October would be complete without the pumpkin patch. This year we went to a new one that was totally underrated. I loved it! There was hardly anyone there, tons to do, and very affordable (free, except for the horse ride and the pumpkins).

 We had rubber duck races with the hand pumps:
 Sora and I were brave enough to hold baby chickens! We even figured out how to grab them out of their basket (something neither of us was brave enough to do at the start).
 Family photo op:
 Pumpkin bowling:
 We went to a customer appreciation day at my parents' food coop and got a ton of samples and freebies! On our way home, we stopped at another pumpkin patch (only because they also have a distillery) for some more great photos:

 And of course a bite to eat.
Some of my favorite parts were not photo documented of course. We went to my favorite consignment store where I got some great jeans (nobody else cares I know), my favorite hands on science museum that is only $2!, my favorite used bookstore where I saw someone I recognized as a local celebrity (to me at least - he does these corny performances at the farmer's market), a new-to-us brewery, and a great yarn store! Overall, a great trip as always!