Thursday, October 15, 2015

Swear Words

This weekend, while at my parents', we visited a specialty sock store. Sora was reading the words on the sock when she came across one that said "I don't give a F**k". She read it very loudly. We rushed out of the store, explaining that it was a very bad word we should never say. She kept asking the meaning, but there are so many meanings and most of them are so inappropriate that I didn't know where to begin other than it's just a bad word we don't say.

Later, we were at a "free trade" store which was apparently just a nice way of saying a bong shop. Sora stayed interested in the incense, which was fine. She wondered over to the wallets (where I quickly read one that said something about money for pot). I redirected her and asked her to look at something else. She laid on the floor crying "I JUST want to READ". I tried explaining that not everything is meant for a 6 year old to read, but she didn't understand. Poor kid. I guess we need to be more selective about the stores we visit now (which is hard to do in Bellingham)!

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