Monday, November 2, 2015


Between Haunted weekend at camp, the Harvest Festival at school, and actual Halloween, I am halloweened-out! Sora chose to be Violet the Incredible this year. Kyle took her trick or treating around our neighborhood. When they were done, she helped me hand out candy. She even contributed some of her own candy to our household pot to hand out. She chose to keep 20 candies and eat two a day for 10 days. She currently hates sour and hard candy and chocolate isn't her favorite. She gave Kyle all of her Reese's. 

Also, she is really into writing lately. She loves to write notes, lists, and anything else. For example, rather than cleaning her mess thoroughly the other day she chose to write a note about it.

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Amy said...

That has to be my favorite Halloween costume of all the ones I've seen this year! How did you do the logo on her shirt? I might want to force my children to be the Incredible family next year...
And I love notes from kids when they are first learning to spell. Keep those, they're hilarious later on!