Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Countdown

Last year I had to redefine my expectations in December to enjoy life rather than feel so much pressure to do so many things. I still felt some pressure, so this year I chose to do even less. We still did a holiday countdown, but I sacrificed homemade presents for my entire family (as well as some solstice decorations) in order to be happy and carefree (although a little too carefree since I didn't finish the presents I did commit to on time).

Here are a few pictures of our December:
This year we bought a living tree. It will stay in our house for many winters to come, but for now it is tiny. Sora decorated it completely by herself.
 We enjoyed the luminaries at the arboretum again this year. It was a little wet, but still pretty and fun.

 We have had a lot of snow this month! We made snow ice cream, which Sora loved!

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