Saturday, February 20, 2016


Sora has been skiing a lot this year and she loves it! Her school goes six times a season, and the two of us went once too. We're hoping to get at least one whole family trip in before the season is over. When the season started, she had never been before and now she can keep up with me (and even go faster)! She had started without poles, and her ski instructor said it was time to start using them. Yesterday was the first with-poles experience. Everything was fine all morning, but on the third run after lunch, she was on the lift with her friend behind me, and I hear a "MOM - Emergency" from behind me. I turn around and she has dropped a pole. In the trees. In a foot of very heavy powder. We took the next two runs to search but of course didn't find it. Although, the search itself was kind of an adventure that the girls loved. I asked her what had happened and she said, "I was trying to help nature." What do you mean? "I was helping the trees not be so cold." And how were you doing that? "I was trying to knock snow off the branches as I was passing them." Of course. We talked about tree adaptation and how these pine trees don't need her help. And of course, what happens when we try to hit things with our ski poles while on the lift. Hopefully she learned a valuable lesson.

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