Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sora's 7th Birthday

Kyle has had a crazy week with working the book sale, so Sora and I had an all girls birthday bash. Sora invited some friends from school over for an art party. 

In addition to the painting, the girls made beaded bracelets and necklaces, and brought home a blank book to make their own story. It was beautiful outside, so when they got all wound up, I sent them outside to play. They also played some type of Night at the Museum statue game they learned in music class and made up a band. They devoured the rainbow fruit (but not the veggies - note for next year: make less veggies) and ate strawberry and vanilla cupcakes.

Being 7 is serious work!
After the party, Grandma Barney came over and we all got to play at the book sale. Kyle was tearing off the covers of books that were going to be recycled - there was a giant pile and it looked like a big book burning! It was painful to watch (although super necessary - they were truly the bottom of the barrel in terms of donated books). We went to Sora's favorite sushi restaurant where we have to sit on the floor and take off our shoes. Good times!

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