Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Budding Engine

 Through a series of interesting events, I am going back to school (online with a three week in-person "intensive" in Montana) to get my Montessori Primary (3-6 year old) Teaching Certificate. While this is pretty awesome, it's also time consuming since I also work full time. Kyle has graciously been stepping up and taking Sora to more things.

This past weekend, Kyle took Sora to Engineering Day at the local community college. Sora loved it!
 She build structures with spaghetti and marshmallows.
 She built a boat and tested how many pennies it would hold.
 She experimented with sinking and floating clay.
 She went fishing.
 She LOVES science, so the volcano activities were a big hit.
 At the end, she launched a stomp rocket and also did some catapulting.
Afterwards, we all went to a high school play which starred some camp staff! Sora loved it, but of course refused to talk to anyone other than the actresses she knew afterwards.

The next day, Sora and I went to the children's symphony. We went last year too. It's a short program with 8 songs kids would like, with an explanation of the similarities and differences between all the orchestral instruments. Afterwards, there was a "petting zoo" where kids could try different instruments. Sora is obsessed with the violin and after seeing all the other instruments, she was still determined to play the violin next year. She's been getting better at piano, and it's fun to listen to her practice.

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