Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rock Hound

Sora and I went to the rock show today, and this is how Sora looked at the end of it. Covered in dirt, and dressed as a bee. What a great end to spring break!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break: There's More!

Here are a few more pictures from Asoria:

Cousin love!
 The brewery we ate at had a hole in the floor to see the sea lions. They are hard to see in the photo, but here is one of the 4.
We rode the trolley for about 3 minutes. 

 A good time was had by all.

 The girls were exhausted by the end of the trip! Here we are at another brewery with two tired girls.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break: Beaches

For spring break, I talked Kyle into a trip to Long Beach, WA and Astoria, OR. I had never been and it was AWESOME! We also took our niece along so Sora would have a friend, and we would get to spend some time with her.

Despite cold weather (50s), the girls both played in the ocean at Long Beach. Sora even fell in at one point, but kept playing until we finally decided they were too cold.

 Cool whale carcass.
 First of many bowls of clam chowder.  Sora ordered this three times on our trip and each one was pretty different.
 We also ventured into Cape Disappointment State Park. The view was beautiful!

 And then we finally got to Astoria.
The girls were excited to see the sea lions. There was even a big glass window in the floor of the restaurant we ate at so you could see the ocean below the restaurant and 4 sea lions were hanging out on the deck below the window.
 We stayed in a yurt at Fort Stevens State Park. The girls were super excited to sleep in the bunk bed and futon.

This picture summed up the two girls - so different in every way! There were a lot of things that Sora wanted to do that her cousin wasn't interested in and vise versa. They are 9 months apart, so they are both 7 for a few more weeks, but their temperaments, interests, and energy levels are completely opposite.
 At the fort, there were a TON of elk. Like 30+ of them.

 We went into the military museum and somehow I got stuck talking to the war enthusiast all about the fort and what went on there from 1904-1946 (but mostly the WW2 stuff). I didn't realize that a Japanese submarine fired on the US. Apparently it wasn't far from this station!
 Closer to the camp ground, there was this cool old shipwreck from 1906, and of course more of the ocean to play in.

 And I couldn't resist taking the girls to the Fort Clapsop National Historic Site. It was where Lewis & Clark (and party) wintered before heading back home.
 As you can tell, Sora loved it!
 We did lots of tourist things in Astoria, including a trip to the column.
 The girls each got a balsa glider to throw off the top. Sora really wanted to keep hers and didn't like the idea that the dollar she spent was more about the experience than getting a glider.

The last morning, the girls frantically completed their junior ranger paperwork to earn two junior ranger badges: 1 for the state park, and 1 for the national park. They also got a cool patch since we went to these three major Lewis & Clark sites (the two state parks and the national park). It was a pretty cute way to end the trip.

On the way home, the girls made friendship bracelets and did some sewing projects for me (for school) and got along the best the whole trip - even though we were in the car for 4+ hours (and Sora was in the car for 7). It made Kyle and I happy to have such a peaceful homecoming! I am already planning our next trip to Astoria in a few years!