Sunday, May 8, 2016

Camp Work Day

While there were a ton of things that got done on Camp work day this year, here are my two favorite. The first is the office. It had a super nasty carpet that was never clean. I spend a lot of time here in the summer, since it is attached to the director's cabin and I'm basically forced to work for Kyle for free, so this nasty carpet really bothered me. My sweet parents bought this laminate flooring and my father installed it. It looks amazing! I am so excited to be able to be barefoot in this room now!
Also, the entire cabin is wood panel. It is dark and depressing. It had dark window coverings too, which we are replacing, but I decided to paint to help brighten the house up. My mom helped paint while my dad did the floor and now it looks a million times better! What a quaint room to spend my time in. Now if only this floor wasn't that super nasty carpet too. There's always something...

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