Sunday, September 11, 2016

Almost Perfect Day

Okay, so this day would have been made more perfect with photos. Sorry.

Yesterday, we spent a family day with no extra obligations. This is the first in a very long time! First, we hit up the kid's day sponsored by PlayDate Magazine. It was filled with bouncy houses, venders giving things away to kids, watching dancers, snacking, and even a tour of the Capital Theatre. Very cool. The weather was perfect - sunny and warm, but not too hot.

Kyle made us a delicious late dinner involving sausage sandwiches.

Later, we went on a family bike ride to the park where we played a family game of tennis (our first ever). Sora was so funny - every time she tried to hit the ball and missed she would giggle incessantly. I loved how happy she was! She eventually hit the ball against the wall while Kyle and I played a "real" game of tennis (our first in YEARS - we used to play all the time before we had Sora). Sora was trying to hit the ball over the fence and she finally succeeded, so she was happy. Then she played on the playground while Kyle and I continued our battle Royale. While on the playground, Sora finally perfected the technique of getting her feet up on the monkey bars so she could hang upside down.

We ate dinner outside and even had some ice cream. A wonderful day of creating family memories.

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