Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fair Time

After living in the same town for 3 years, we somehow managed to avoid going to the local fair until now. One of Sora's favorite singers, Rachel Platten, happened to be playing at the fair this year, so we decided it was finally time to go.

We went on a weekday after school, so we had just enough time to ride two rides (Sora and Kyle on the "adult" roller coaster),
feed some animals at the petting zoo,

 check out the children's village (if only this was a kid's museum - it was actually better than some of the museums I've been to),
 eat dinner and pause for some photo ops
 before finally grabbing an elephant ear and finding a seat for the show.

 This is hard to see, but while we were waiting for the concert, there was a big screen that people could text messages to. At one point, a message saying "Hi Nora and Moose" came up! We had been spotted (and spell checked). Sora and Kyle tried to figure out the mystery of who sent the message, but couldn't figure it out.

 Finally the concert started. My picture is terrible, but you could easily see Rachel Platten and she gave a great concert - just perfect for both Sora and us! At one point, she walked around and came very close to Sora before heading back to the stage.
 This is how close Sora was (she and Kyle were down closer than I was). Her songs are so positive and upbeat - in addition to Fight Song, Stand by You and Better Place, the other lesser known songs were good too. Plus, there was a cover of my favorite (and only song I know by) Justin Bieber song - Love Yourself - which means I was in love with the singer after that!
The concert was just the right length and we stopped to bang on some random metal objects before we left. Plus, because it was a weekday, we found street parking and saved $5!
Our final verdict: the concert was great, and the fair wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. When Sora's a few years older, we will finally fork up for the ride pass and she will love it. But it's also not an annual event in our household.

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