Saturday, October 22, 2016


Some random things that have been happening lately:

My awesome dad and father-in-law came over and helped us pour this sweet cement slab in our backyard. Before this, it was known as the dirt patch (or the mud patch or the weed patch depending on the season). Now it will be known as a patio. Very classy. We might even dye it with some fancy cement acid stain and someday may even put a hot tub on it. We'll see.
Sora went to the dentist for her 7.5 year old birthday celebration. She was not very excited about this milestone. She had a cavity, but only one which is a win in my book.
 Here she is just being plain adorable.
The other day, I went into her class to observe since I wasn't able to go to her open house (the downside of teaching at Sora's school - I had to host my own classroom's open house). Anyway, she was excited to show me something she called "Grammar in Art". She chose this picture:
Children Playing on the Beach by Mary Cassatt 

There were a number of questions (grammar related, or course) to answer regarding the picture. The first was to name "at least 5" nouns. Sora wrote down 6, explaining that she always tries to do one more than is asked. She said, "5 is the minimum, and I want to do more than the minimum". It made my overachieving heart happy. 2 was to name some proper nouns that could be related to the picture. She wrote "Hawaii, Pacific Ocean, Summer Solstice". 3 was a sentence that she had to symbolize. Symbolizing sentences is something I especially love about Montessori elementary. I remember learning grammar diagraming in 7th grade and absolutely LOVING it. I love that Sora gets to start that 6 years earlier! She doesn't know all of the parts of speech yet - she knew all of the triangles (article, adjective, nouns) and circles (verbs) on her own. The other symbols (for conjunction and preposition) she didn't know. So, she walked over to a chart on the wall which explains each type of speech, shows the symbol and gives and example. From that, she extrapolated  that "and" was a pink rectangle and "in" and "under" were green crescents. I was super impressed that she figured that all out on her own, and when she showed Kyle a few days later, she even remembered what those two types of speech were called.
 Unfortunately, when she came to actual open house with Kyle, she face planted on the way inside and was pretty upset, which ended the evening a lot sooner than planned.

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