Sunday, November 27, 2016

Giving Thanks

 This was the first year Sora took her job as Kyle's sous chef seriously. Together they planned an elaborate menu, picked up the turkey from the farm, and did every step to make a delicious meal.

The theme this year was: no recipes. We did use a recipe for the desert, but the rest was all Kyle and Sora. Sora took care of the sweet potato biscuits:
while Kyle did a lot of various other things.
 Together, they made a delicious pavlova for desert
 complete with candied pecans!
 We shared the delicious meal with Kyle's family, but no cousins so Sora got a lot of extra adult attention (both good and bad).

Other than that, we watched a lot of TV this weekend, played with Kyle's brother's family at the trampoline park, and I reintroduced myself to my knitting needles. I meant to make a slouchy hat for myself with some fancy yarn I bought in Seattle. It turned into a non-slouchy hat for Sora (that she won't appreciate nearly enough because it is a bit scratchy - hand dyed and a silk/wool blend but she won't be able to understand those nuances). It's cute though!

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