Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Solstice - city style

This year we celebrated Solstice in town, and the day before actual solstice. Such a break from tradition!
 Much time was spent reading (as every day)
 We decorated the trees in the backyard for the birds.

 We went on an extremely icy walk in the neighborhood.

 Sora and Kyle made me a book of poems to commemorate various milestones in my life. So sweet!
 Kyle and I made Sora a swinging chair. She loves it and spent 2 hours reading in it while Kyle and I napped.
 For dinner, Sora insisted on sushi. Somehow we lost our mats and made impromptu newspaper sushi mats. They worked pretty well.
 We had a sushi feast!
And of course solstice wouldn't be complete without candles and cupcakes, lots of family games, and a night spent together in the living room. This was the first year without a fireplace, but we made it work.

Happy holidays!