Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chef Sora and other hobbies

Sora very much likes to cook lately. 

One of her daily chores is to make her lunch for the next day. This was a lunch she prepared last week. There are fresh mozzarella balls in the tin container. I love how finely she diced her peach!
 And an afternoon snack of "energy balls" (almond butter and dried milk, along with currants, mini chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds).
 She went up to camp for school on a field trip. Her side pony and straightened hair kills me!
 Other current hobbies include reading comics and snuggling.
 As well as violin. Sora has begged for violin lessons for three years and now that I am finally paying a fortune for my 8 year old to play violin, she is a little blasé about the whole thing. I now need to force her to become a concert violinist so I can justify these lessons!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Miss Independent

School has started and Sora just finished her 2nd week. She is a full blown 3rd grader and barely needs parents anymore. This year one of her chores is to cook a meal a week. She has embraced this challenge and helped me plan the menu for the whole week, and even wrote the shopping list. Tonight she made couscous edamame salad for dinner, with Kyle as a sous chef. Afterwards, she and Kyle made fruity apple muffins for dessert.

 Earlier this week, her delicacy was fresh mozzarella, thyme and dried cranberry on a piece of dried apricot. Delish!

She also started violin and has been practicing up a storm. She will also begin gymnastics in October, so Sora's after school curricular schedule will be very busy as always.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Family Camp and School Days

Sora and I went to Kyle's mom's house to chill and make pizza.
 We were at camp this weekend for family camp. Sora is amazing at kayaking.
 And I am in love with the stand up paddle board.
 Sora had her first day of 3rd grade this year and I had my first day of my 3rd year working at her school.

Sora is way into wearing hair bands on her wrists. It started with one or two and has ballooned into like 40.

 We have been playing at a lot of parks after school, since we haven't started any of Sora's extra curricular activities yet.
 Kyle took Sora out to breakfast at a new diner. They were big fans.
 Kyle and I also enjoyed our first date night of the school year. One of the awesome camp staff stayed with Sora while we tried to enjoy a concert. The venue had no a/c so it was crazy hot. Instead, we went to another venue but the band had already ended for the night. It really just turned into a night of bar hopping, but I guess that was fun too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Quick Trip

We haven't seen my parents enough this summer, and my mom had a big birthday, so we had to go to their house to celebrate. 
 On the way home, we stopped at my favorite mid-way park and played on the zip line.
 We explored the sea life - here Sora found some type of animal that was perfectly camouflaged with the seaweed!

 We had a lot of fun exploring the rocks at low tide.

 Sora lost a tooth! The tooth fairy at grandma's pays more.
 We went to the fair. Sora loved watching the animals (this is a cat show) and the Wenatchee Youth Circus. Too bad we don't live in Wenatchee or Sora would be a budding circus performer.
 Milking a pretend cow.
 My mom bought Sora and herself a ride pass. Unlimited fun. Very exciting.
 Sora even tried the Ring of Fire. She was not a fan like she thought she would be, so it was easy to talk her out of the zipper.
 She did love every other ride she tried though.
 And she beat grandma at the slide.

 Big fan of the giant swing.
 There was a fiber section of the fair - just my style! Sora was actually really into the weaving and spent 15+ minutes very focused on her project.
 We watched a calf being born. Disgusting and amazing.
 Sora hasn't been at the park enough lately - she forgot how to swing! We spend so much time up at camp and most of the parks in our town don't have swings (plus when it's 100 degrees I don't want to go to the park). It made me feel a little guilty though.

 Reading with Willow.
 Playing at the fountain.
 Tired after a long day with grandma!
 I love this! So, we surprised my mom by coming a day early and showing up at a restaurant she was at. Sora completed this comic while she waited for food - it's funny and makes sense!
 Tiny sink at Ikea.
And we also saw Kyle for about 5 minutes between Rainier and my parents house. Kyle is excited to have some downtime soon to "dad" again.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mt. Rainier

The pictures from our trip loaded with the newest first, so I will try to tell this story backwards.

We left our trip to the National Park early. We did get a final glimpse at the mountain, but it was hidden by clouds the rest of our trip. Also on the way out, Sora became a Jr. Ranger and we went to a short Jr. Ranger program on soil.

 We went backpacking. Sora's Lottie doll (Laura) got to join us.
 We ate a delicious meal of bacon clam chowder with forbidden rice.
 We didn't actually get to stay at our reserved backpacking site, so we hiked for a mile with very heavy backpacks and had to turn around and go back to the car.
 Due to hazardous trees, all the sites were closed (which would have been convenient to know the morning before when the ranger let us reserve a site).
 Sora carried a very heavy pack and even our tent. She got a lot of admiring looks from adults.
 We saw a beautiful waterfall.
 We had peanut butter on Monday (like a camp song that was sung a lot this summer).
 There were a lot of giant trees.
 And 2 suspension bridges.
 We had to leave after 1 night and go to camp to switch cars with Kyle because our SUV got a nail in the tire and was slowly losing air pressure. Thankfully our cars are both new and have this amazing feature where they tell you the air pressure of each tire. Otherwise, we might have woken up the next morning with a flat tire.
 Lots of very short walks and hikes and enjoying rocks, trees, and logs.
 Sora was also memorized by maps and flowers.
 Suspension bridge #2.

 Before we left, it was Holiday week at camp. Sora had fun during our Holi celebration.
 We also relaxed for a few hours at home. Sora chose to swing in her tent and watch tv on the iPad.
 I chose to make oat bran kale carrot raisin current muffins - just to remind myself and Sora of how we really eat after a summer of typical camp food. Kyle likes to think it is healthy, but it is definitely not oat bran kale carrot raisin current muffin healthy.
Now we are visiting my parents for a few days before heading back home and starting our school year "real life" routine.