Friday, December 22, 2017


This year we celebrated Solstice in town rather than up at camp. Both are nice for different reasons. This year it worked out well, since one of Sora's presents was a new door for her dresser. She had been requesting this (the dresser is from my childhood and the door broke off right after Sora got it 3 years ago) as well as a magnet board so Kyle cleverly combined the two into one awesome present.

There was a lot of other craftiness, including sewing for Sora and knitting. 
 I designed some blank Munchkin cards which we got to create ourselves. It was fun to think of what cool modifications we wanted in our game. This is a game we play a lot lately and Sora is really into it.
 Of course there was some snuggly reading time, as there is in every day at our house. There were also tears and violins (which is another combination there is a lot of at our house).
 We decorated our Dogwood tree and Lilac bush in our front yard for the birds.

After our tree decorating, we went on a walk. Our walk took us to the Mexican bakery nearby which was a fun treat!
When we got home, we played a lot of games. Sora played Monopoly for the first time. Kyle was not a fan (although he won the first round), and Sora won the second round.
 For dinner, we had seafood and Mediterranean orzo.
Our solstice cupcakes were a major flop this year - I used a recipe I wrote when I was 12 and apparently I made some major mistakes. We got the correct recipe later and we are looking forward to trying again!
After dinner, our evening was spent oscillating between reading and games. Not a bad way to spend a day together as a family!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Solstice Countdown

Every year we do some type of December count down to Solstice. This year, while I tried to talk Sora out of our tradition, is no exception. Here are a few things we've been up to so far.

Ice skating at open skate this weekend.
 Enjoying the luminaries at the arboretum. We got to ride a city bus for this event as an added bonus!
 We got there early before it was too crowded, so Sora enjoyed the kids craft and owl pellet dissection.
 Cutting snowflakes.
 Decorating our living tree. Last year our living tree didn't make it through the summer, so we hope to be better plant owners this year.
Sewing fleece hats and scarves for the homeless. I am pretty proud of this - I was just going to have Sora do the scarves which are no-sew, but she insisted on sewing the hats with me. Yeah!
There will be more to come, but we are almost half way to solstice!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tourist Weekend

Kyle and Sora's rainbow Thanksgiving feast was a hit! Sora took a day off of school to go with Kyle to the farm to get the turkey and be his sous chef for the day. That meant on Thursday she got to play with her cousins while Kyle put the finishing touches on the food.
 Sora and her cousins made up a song. It was hard to follow, but they wrote notes and everything. Most importantly, Sora was excited to play her violin and felt knowledgable, so that is awesome!
On Friday we headed over to Seattle for a tourist weekend.

We enjoyed the zoo (Sora had never been and loved it).
 Kyle and I enjoyed hot chocolate. Sora was not a fan.
 The view from our hotel.
 Sora got to snuggle up in the hotel robe.
 We bought a needle felting kit and Sora and I made a pumpkin.

 Here is Sora reading the directions and hard at work.
 Sora played at the Artist Park at the Seattle Center.

 And we rode the monorail.
 The holiday carousel was set up downtown.
 We shopped at Pike's Place Market.

 Sora and Kyle played a quick game of ping pong at a downtown park.
 Cookie decorating at the market.
 Kyle and Sora endured the art museum for me.
Our hotel room was so shmancy! It was a suite. We paid $120 for free internet, parking, breakfast, all within walking distance of downtown and Seattle Center. It wasn't sketchy at all (which is what I thought it would be) and it was awesome!
We also went to my favorite toy store and got presents taken care of for all of our nieces and nephew. We ate amazing meals, such as fancy pizza, fancy ramen, and our favorite pho.

Our weekend was so great that it might be hard to come back to reality of work and school tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Friday, November 17, 2017


We got family passports for our spring break trip. We decided to take advantage of the passports and go to Canada as often as possible! As a kid I went to Canada all the time, so it is strange that Sora has never been.

For our first trip, we decided to do a classic: ride the Sky Train and stop at the markets. This was something we take all tourists to do - Kyle even came when we were dating many years ago.
 On the way to my parents, we stopped to buy shoes (and to avoid traffic). The boots are not my style, but they made Sora very happy.
 Random whale at the first market. There was also a circus school there, which made Sora want us to move to Vancouver (for her budding career).
 Enjoying her treat after the first market on the Sky Train.
 Riding the Sea Bus (really a foot ferry, nothing bus-like) to North Van.
 Lunch at the market. Sushi and pizza. The 2 best foods in the world!

 Riding the Sea Bus back to Vancouver.
 We stopped at a fun urban park next to the sky train. So much fun!

We are starting a long list of all the amazing things we need to see and do in Vancouver and Canada in the next few years. We plan to get our full $400 worth out of our passports!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Sora loves Dia de los Muertos, and we were able to go to an annual party nearby. We went to see the alters downtown as well. We didn't take many photos, but here is one:
 For Halloween Sora asked to dress up as a blue jay. I sewed her a warm blue dress, orange leggings (for bird legs) and wings. Sora made the mask all by herself!

 Kyle and I have an agreement - he takes Sora trick or treating and I stay home and pass out candy. We both enjoy our role on Halloween!

 It snowed a tiny bit the other day. Sora was very excited!
 Here we are with the tiny snow flakes.
 We also had a chance to see an arial acrobat show at the local theatre. Sora was mesmerized and has a new calling in life.
 I love this theatre! It is beautiful. Also, it was open seating so we had amazing seats!
Kyle and I have tickets to see Rent here in a few weeks as well as family tickets to the Holiday symphony. So much theatre!