Friday, November 17, 2017


We got family passports for our spring break trip. We decided to take advantage of the passports and go to Canada as often as possible! As a kid I went to Canada all the time, so it is strange that Sora has never been.

For our first trip, we decided to do a classic: ride the Sky Train and stop at the markets. This was something we take all tourists to do - Kyle even came when we were dating many years ago.
 On the way to my parents, we stopped to buy shoes (and to avoid traffic). The boots are not my style, but they made Sora very happy.
 Random whale at the first market. There was also a circus school there, which made Sora want us to move to Vancouver (for her budding career).
 Enjoying her treat after the first market on the Sky Train.
 Riding the Sea Bus (really a foot ferry, nothing bus-like) to North Van.
 Lunch at the market. Sushi and pizza. The 2 best foods in the world!

 Riding the Sea Bus back to Vancouver.
 We stopped at a fun urban park next to the sky train. So much fun!

We are starting a long list of all the amazing things we need to see and do in Vancouver and Canada in the next few years. We plan to get our full $400 worth out of our passports!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Sora loves Dia de los Muertos, and we were able to go to an annual party nearby. We went to see the alters downtown as well. We didn't take many photos, but here is one:
 For Halloween Sora asked to dress up as a blue jay. I sewed her a warm blue dress, orange leggings (for bird legs) and wings. Sora made the mask all by herself!

 Kyle and I have an agreement - he takes Sora trick or treating and I stay home and pass out candy. We both enjoy our role on Halloween!

 It snowed a tiny bit the other day. Sora was very excited!
 Here we are with the tiny snow flakes.
 We also had a chance to see an arial acrobat show at the local theatre. Sora was mesmerized and has a new calling in life.
 I love this theatre! It is beautiful. Also, it was open seating so we had amazing seats!
Kyle and I have tickets to see Rent here in a few weeks as well as family tickets to the Holiday symphony. So much theatre!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Epic Adventure: Day 3-5 (Up North)

After spending some time in Green Bay, it was time to head up north to camp. We stopped at all the highlights on the way.
 Donuts at our favorite bakery in Pulaski

 The fire tower in Mountain

 The leaves were gorgeous in all directions. A blanket of fall colors.
 Of course, we had to stop at the candy store in Lakewood.
 And we went for a short walk to see Cathedral Pines.

Finally, it was time to head to camp. They have been doing a big capital campaign, so some of the buildings have changed in 3 short years.

But most of the views were the same as before.

 Much easier than when Sora was 4 (the last time she attempted the rope bridge)!

We went to the nearby county park to see Slippery Rock and other awesomeness.

 The next day there was a big celebration for Kyle's former boss. He has been at the same camp for 30 years! So hard to imagine.
 Of course there was a whole hog to celebrate.

This was the first time we all stayed in a cabin (although this is up for debate) at Uni. We lived in a house while we were there, and I spent much of my time there. While I was offered a tour of the house, I chose to keep my memories preserved. Kyle's boss lived there with his young children a long time ago and avoided going back after they moved out. I totally get it. Instead, Sora loved the cabin and dressing her doll for bed (and every other occasion).

Exploring the board walk.

Sora nearly fell out of the golf cart while Kyle drove too fast around camp. Just like we never left.

Heading back to Sora's gaga ball roots.

These are the signs where Sora literally read her very first words! We passed them nearly daily and she always wanted me to stop and read every sign to her. I taught her "it" "in" and "is" and made her read all of those words.

 Saying goodbye seemed a little harder this time. There were tears from all of the McPherson clan.
 It was finally time to leave camp. We headed to Menominee and saw Lake Michigan. There was a park involved as well, of course. Sora brought a rock to hide from Yakima and found a rock at this park - it was perfect!

Sora loved the amazing hamburger that we drove an hour to eat. Plus brats. Delicious!

 All great things end though, and it was finally time to leave. We ate an amazing meal at an El Salvadorian restaurant before we had to leave.

I love this sign - yes, I feel recombobulated!

 And Sora was excellent at entertaining herself on our long trip home today.
Overall it was a great trip. It was wonderful to see so many people who really shaped who we are as a family, even if Sora doesn't remember. So many people who are so loving and kind. It is unlikely that we will be back to Wisconsin, and if we ever do go back it will be so different that it won't seem like home as it did this time. I know part of me and Kyle wanted to stay and go back to our simpler life, but we both know that we moved for a good reason, and even if we moved back it would be completely different. Plus, when you have an amazing weekend it is easy to remember all of the positive things and overlook all of the negative.

Goodbye, again, Wisconsin. If we are lucky, we will see some of the people we know and love when they visit Washington someday.

Epic Vacation: Day 1 & 2 (Travel and GB)

We had a chance to go visit some special people from our last "life" in Wisconsin. Kyle's former boss was retiring and it was a great excuse to show Sora the part of her life she doesn't remember but is so incredibly special to Kyle and myself.

First, we had a long drive to Seattle. Sora entertained herself beautifully. 
We got to hang out at the airport for a long time. We were crazy early and then we had a ridiculous delay. It was the first time the three of us have flown together, so we had a blast.

We got into our final destination at 2:00 a.m. After some sleep, we got to spend the day doing our favorite Green Bay things. We ended up at my favorite thrift store! Kyle saw someone we knew while we were driving and followed her. She was headed to the thrift store, so we surprised her there. Of course we had to buy some books.

 We went to a rad nature preserve and saw native animals, as well as a sweet nature themed play area.

 The deer are hard to see, but I promise they were there!

 We drove around and saw some sights and ended up at Lambeau Field. There was this rad visitor area that just opened with all kinds of cool stuff. Unbelievably cool. Complete with sled hill and outdoor ice skating - we will have to go back in the winter!
 Shuffle puck

 Sweet play area

 Throwing the football on a replica field

We ate lunch at Hinterland. This used to be a small, upscale brewery near downtown. Now it's a larger (still upscale) brewery next to the field. Of course, there was a lot of taxidermy and a warm fire. Kyle knows the owner so he felt at home.

Sora and I went to the children's museum. We had a family membership here once, so it is close to home. Some of it was the same, but there was some fun new stuff too. 
 Being a piece of food and going through the digestive process

 customizing our car

 building a "tree"


 candy maker

 practicing her Lambeau Leap

At the end of our busy day, we got to eat dinner with a good friend and play games in their basement bar.