Friday, January 13, 2017

Kyle's Birthday

We have had a busy January so far! Kyle bought new glasses, so of course we all had to try them on.
 We bought Ticket to Ride Jr. which is an awesome family game. Kyle likes building tiny trains and Sora likes winning. Fun for all!
 We made new year's goals. Sora's are pretty amazing. I put piano and Spanish on her list. SHe added things like "I will not hurt other's feelings" and "bathe every other day".
 She also decorated the covers of both of our journals. As you can tell, she is way into cursive at the moment.
 To celebrate Kyle's birthday, we went out to a Korean restaurant. Sora ordered Korean sushi. It was delicious!
 There was a reading/snuggle fest, as always.
 And we went bowling. Sora had never been before and she seemed to love it!

 To celebrate even more, we had a snow day on Monday. Kyle had to work, so Sora and I celebrated without him. This is our first snow day in the three years we have lived in Yakima.

 After much outside entertainment, Sora and I had to break out the creative works and made some oil pastel drawings.
 And finally here is a photo of Sora before swim team practice. She recently got new goggles, a new swim cap, and a new swim suit. Adorable! (*since Kyle reminds me that there are no photos in the locker room I want to assure everyone that this was the only photo, all participants are fully clothed, and have waver forms on file).

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