Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snowshoeing Extravaganza

A few pictures from life lately:

Sora, busily editing her friend's story. They created a movie during her sleepover and her friend continued the story through a screen play. Sora is a phenomenal speller, so here she is correcting her friend's spelling.
Charging up her glow in the dark pajamas.
Enjoying a cinnamon roll at Dakota Cafe after spending the night at grandma's.
We went snowshoeing with the US Forest service as part of a kid's program. Sora was excited while at the same time tired and annoyed. The rangers asked a lot of questions, which all the other children answered while Sora rolled her eyes over the juvenile content (although it wasn't that bad).
For some reason, there was a lot of sitting on the ground.

We bought Sora these sweet snowshoes a few years ago in Wisconsin. It's nice to know they still work (although they fell off a lot). I didn't bring mine because I was hoping they had nicer ones to borrow. Ironically, they were the exact same ones!
Sora was motivated to do some more snowshoeing, so hopefully we will be going soon with Kyle (and without other children who dominate the conversation in ways Sora does not appreciate).

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