Sunday, February 12, 2017

Turning 8

I decided for some reason to let Sora invite 4 little girls over to have a sleepover for her 8th birthday. I honestly thought some would decline, but we had a full house and it went better than expected. The girls had a blast! After a lot of playing (they chose to create their own horror movie which was more comedy than horror) and making pizza, we headed to the ice rink. Sora helped her friends skate and loved how her body just remembered what to do from last winter.
Ice skating while showing grace and courtesy to a friend
Sora's birthday pavlova
Right after Sora's friends left, her grandparents arrived for another party. We gave Sora a robot (she requested a remote control car, and the programmable robot also had a remote, so it was the perfect gift). She had to help Kyle put it together.

She also requested a sled, which my parents provided. She had a lot of fun in the backyard (other than when she rammed the fence and the trees). Kyle built a berm to protect them from each other and Sora built a jump.
Her actual birthday was last Tuesday. She chose to get her presents on Saturday but we gave her one on her birthday (the cheetah print dress).
She also requested cottage cheese pancakes with sprinkles.
I can't believe my tiny child is now 8 years old, but I'm sure every parent says that with every birthday. She is still funny, and is learning a lot of new tricks (piano, Spanish, and ukulele are some of the things she has been practicing at home). She likes blue, purple, black and grey. She still eats like a horse but is slightly picky about certain ingredients (she doesn't like brussels sprouts - can you believe it?). She is an amazing speller and reader but math isn't her favorite. She is timid but loves to hug everyone she knows. She is a fierce competitor and is very upset when she loses. She is goofy and complex and knows her way around my music on the phone. That's Sora in a nutshell - amazing and diverse!

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