Monday, March 27, 2017

Growing Up

I had to go up to my parent's house this weekend to go to a school. I took Sora for the weekend and it turned out that we had to stay an extra day. Sora loved playing with Willow (and grandma and papa of course), riding her new 20" bike, and exploring the frigid beach. 

 My crafty dad made this light fixture from an old metal pipe. Pretty cool!
 He introduced Sora to Little Big Shots. The picture doesn't show the enthusiasm, but they both love it!
 My mom is teaching Sora about the lottery. She has been saving her tickets from the grocery store for prizes we will never win and getting Sora's hopes too high. Good times.
 My mom and I went to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast. It was excellent, but this shocked me - a small soda is 32 oz. That is disgusting. No wonder other countries think we're so fat!
 Earlier this month, I spent a long weekend in San Diego for a work conference. I was alone, but had a chance to explore the city and see an old friend from our days living in So Cal. The flowers were beautiful and I loved wearing shorter skirts all weekend long!
 Of course I had to hit up In n Out (although the long wait made this meal much less delicious).
 Kyle and I both noticed the same moon on the same night.
 Enjoying the sunshine and the palm trees with my trusty hydroflask. I took it to Montana with me this summer as well. It's kind of amazing!
 A lizard lounging by the pool.
 Cactus - one of my favorite plants! There are times when I miss living in So Cal, but it might just be that whole period of child free living and early marriage when we were still young and crazy. Anyway, cactus remind me the most of where we lived as there was one right outside of our hotel room.
 California poppy.
 California burrito. I found this online and treked all over town for this specific burrito. Needless to say, fries in a burrito was not my favorite.
 A few more beautiful plants. I love the natural palm trees which haven't been pruned with all the old dead palm fronds still hanging on for dear life.

 And a bird of paradise. When I was little, my dad loved singing, "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose" to me and whenever I see this flower I think of him!
I took a lot of pictures inside the conference too, but figured no one who isn't a Montessori teacher would be remotely interested in those photos. It was an amazing destination and also an inspiring conference. I think I have enough fuel to last until the end of the year now (with spring break right around the corner)!