Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break: Part 1

We have been taking advantage of Sora's new bike and joined some friends at a walk-in park (it's a mile from the parking lot, so we rode our bikes to it). We have been alone, but it's so much better with friends!

Then, we headed out of town for our spring break trip to Portland. We stopped at Stonehenge:
We also stopped at a museum where Sora and I explored our pioneer sides.

And Sora and Kyle came across a Mastodon!
On the way to Portland, we also stopped and hiked to three waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls.
And of course we stopped at Vista House for one of my favorite views.
The next day, we took the MAX downtown. We walked a mile from our AirBnB to the station only to realize we had left our debit card back at our rental! Kyle walked back and got it while Sora and I played at the park.
Sora loved Powells, of course, and had an extremely hard time deciding what to get. Luckily for her, we helped her eventually decide.
We had a delicious lunch with steamed pork buns, pizza, and fancy ramen right before hitting up the crazy donut shop.
Sora conked out quickly after a long day of walking over 10 miles!

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