Sunday, May 7, 2017

Games and Hiking

Sora is finally old enough to play more complex games. We have been enjoying Carcassone lately. Kyle used to always crush me at this game. Now that Sora is in the mix, it might be more varied.
 Sora had a play, recorder, and dancing performance at school this week. Her grandma was able to come see her. She was very proud!
 To celebrate afterwards, she enjoyed her first milkshake at Mod Pizza (she has had several milkshakes of course, but none from Mod). I am loving the heart!
 My parents came up for camp work weekend. We did a lot of cleaning and organizing at camp and I am excited to spend all of my summer up there! My parents came last year too and really improved our office and living room. This year we focused on overall organization, but a lot of it impacted our house and the office.

Today, we went for a hike before they had to leave. Sora loves their dog and wanted to lead the dog on our entire hike.
 She is so precious with her papa! Sora is pretty balanced in her love, even though she might show more affection to her grandma.

 There were a lot of beautiful wildflowers.

There was some whining near the end, but it was a beautiful day and a great hike. Sora and I went hiking a few weeks ago at another part of the same trail system. It's my goal to hike all of the trail system this year, so hopefully we can go with Kyle in a few weeks to a new section!

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