Saturday, May 27, 2017

Life as I Know It

Sora has always loved the tree in our front yard. It was one of the things that helped us choose the house and I love that she spends hours playing in it with friends and reading in it by herself.

At camp this weekend, I introduced her to the label maker. She helped label things in the office. I walked out of the office door, and this is what I saw:
At school, I recently created a bread baking work. Sora is my official tester and was sad that she didn't get a chance to test my lesson. I had a bigger plan in mind for next year involving weighing, division and braiding, so Sora still got to test a new part for me. It was amazing and delicious.
We discovered that our only true local book store offers a 20% teacher discount. They also do free gift wrapping. As it is a tradition to buy the outgoing kindergarteners a book each year, I have officially found my store.
Sora has a science book and kit which she only occasionally uses. She was in the mood the other day and I came over to find this scene:

An amazing scientist deep at work discovering properties of oil and vinegar. Amazing!

Sora is at a pretty amazing age right now. She even "lead" gaga ball at camp, apparently handling a situation involving blood in a calm manner (reminding everyone that Moose has band aids and we need to stay calm and get him). She also went on her own to make me an amazing beaded necklace for my birthday in arts and crafts while Kyle cooked food for a group and I relaxed and read. We are doing something right when it comes to parenting (and genetics)!

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