Saturday, June 17, 2017


So, we aren't home much this summer, but we did manage to find a short tennis clinic for Sora. She went for 2 weeks and LOVED it. I'm hoping she can go again next year. After her class was done each day, she begged to hit the ball against the wall. I loved tennis in high school and can totally relate to wanting as much practice as possible.
 We stayed home for a few days for tennis clinic while Kyle was up at camp. I reminded Sora that she has buckets full of toys she never plays with. Here is a rare moment with the play mobil.
 They are all sunning after a big picnic.
 There is order within the chaos - just like in her room!
 One of the reasons we stayed home for tennis was also for Sora's dentist appt. She hates going, but when she realized we already put it off for 4 extra months due to our crazy schedule, she was easily talked into having a good attitude. The poor kid hates mint and apparently there was a lot of mint taste involved. She didn't have any cavities, which means Kyle and I are doing something right with our constant flossing and mouth wash. Hopefully our routine can continue to make up for her terrible dental genetics!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dance Recital

Sora has spent most of this school year taking ballet. She loves it and we got to see the adorableness at her first dance recital!

She loved waiting backstage (mostly because there was a movie). And look at that fantastic ballet bun (so proud)!

 Here she is sote arabesque ing across the stage.
 She had quite the audience. The first night, the Brazilian staff, two sets of grandparents, and Kyle and I were in the audience. She got 3 bouquets of flowers! The second night, a third grandma, as well as her mom watched her dance. And another bouquet from the lone boy in her class (his mother's a florist and gave them to all the girls).

Sora is determined to do gymnastics next year and return to ballet when she is in 4th grade. We'll see what adorableness is in store next year!

Friday, June 9, 2017

School's Out for Summer

School is out! We are both excited and nervous for our summer. Sora is a little sad to be done with such a solid, predictable routine. I am a little sad about having to work all summer. We are both excited to spend our summer at camp and see Kyle a little more.

Here is Sora modeling the new staff shirts.
 Playing a game - one of her favorite things to do!
 Slip and slide at school field day. One of the benefits to working at Sora's school is that I never (or rarely) miss a good photo op!
 The last day of school celebration. Sora was part of the group that sang the song while those who were "moving up" walked around the maypole. Next year will be Sora's turn to do the maypole as she will be "moving up" into upper elementary.
 A rainy day at the park with grandma, papa and the Brazilian staff. We tried to float origami boats. It would have been better if there was not a torrential downpour.

 Sora dressed for the farmer's market.
 Such a fashionista!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Competitive Kid

Sora and some friends participated in the Jr. Gap to Gap this morning. After last year's experience, I learned to try to lower expectations. This year, Sora's team was full and she only had to do one thing: the steeple chase.

Here she is waiting patiently for her teammate (center in navy top).
 After the biker handed off the wristband, Sora was off!
She was too fast to photograph. First, she climbed over some hay bales. Then she walked while hula hooping.  She crab walked with the best of them.
 Next was the sack race. She fell quite a few times, but didn't get too frustrated.
 Finally, she was finished! The girls didn't place, but definitely didn't get last (a huge improvement) and had a great time.