Saturday, June 3, 2017

Competitive Kid

Sora and some friends participated in the Jr. Gap to Gap this morning. After last year's experience, I learned to try to lower expectations. This year, Sora's team was full and she only had to do one thing: the steeple chase.

Here she is waiting patiently for her teammate (center in navy top).
 After the biker handed off the wristband, Sora was off!
She was too fast to photograph. First, she climbed over some hay bales. Then she walked while hula hooping.  She crab walked with the best of them.
 Next was the sack race. She fell quite a few times, but didn't get too frustrated.
 Finally, she was finished! The girls didn't place, but definitely didn't get last (a huge improvement) and had a great time.

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